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Our Team

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Guillermo Ruiz

Vice President of Operations - General Construction


Luis A. Ruiz



Carlos Ruiz

Vice President of Project Management - General Construction

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What Our Clients Say?

Wonderful experience!

I hired the Forza team to help me with the electrical work after another contractor had messed up a remodel. They helped me save the job with quality work. After that I have been giving them more and more jobs and every time it has been a wonderful experience. Now, after 3 years I trusted them with my own home and I am very happy, it is a 70’s with many issues and Forza has been amazing helping me change and re do the scope of work almost daily.

Janine H.

Very reasonable price and very honest team!

Excellent works and service! I had some major electrical upgrades that had to be done in a fast timeframe for HOI requirements. Forza responded to my request for estimate and availability the same day and began work the next business day. The work was completed ahead of schedule. Very professional service, very thorough, very good quality, very reasonable price and very honest team.

Mary L.

Resolved difficult electrical problem!

Our problem was difficult to diagnose and much more complicated and severe then we originally realized. Despite that, our contractor resolved the issue within the original hour estimated. And even though the repair was more complicated the rate stayed the same. We received quality work for a fair price from a honest company. I highly recommend Forza Contractors to anyone else with electrical problems or repairs!

Emily D.









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