Outlet & Switch Wiring & Replacement

Switches allow us to control ceiling-mounted fixtures, wall sconces, and even some electrical outlets with a simple flick or tap.

If these switches and outlets are not located in a strategic area, they can be an eyesore. Outlets make power easily accessible. They can also prevent electrical fires, keep users from being shocked and be turned on and off remotely.

Switches and dimmers open and close electrical circuits to control lights, fans and other electrical devices.

Reasons for replacing electrical outlets:

  • Aging Outlets

  • Outdated Outlets

  • Wear and Tear

  • Changing from Series to Parallel Circuit

  • Appliances Upgrades

  • Sparking Outlets

  • Outlets that Feel Hot to Touch

  • Cracked or Worn Out Outlet Covers

  • Flickering Lights

  • Two-pronged Outlets

Outlet & Switch Wiring & Replacement

Electrical outlets (more properly known as receptacles) are the workhorses of your home’s electrical system.

Over time, an outlet receptacle can see cord plugs inserted and withdrawn hundreds of times, and like any other mechanical device, they eventually wear out or become damaged. Changes in electrical code requirements may also mean that a receptacle needs to be replaced, even if it works adequately. Calling a electrician for electrical outlet repair or switch replacement can save you a great deal of time. It can avoid further damage to your electrical fixture and home.