Professional Electrical Panel Upgrade and Repair Services

Electrical Panel Upgrade & Repair – Free On-site Estimate

Many common electrical issues are linked to a faulty electrical panel since the panel is linked to the entire electrical system. If the panel is malfunctioning, the damage is likely to spread throughout the house. It happens that electrical connections are not changed by anyone for a very long time, so an electrical panel upgrade will always be relevant.

In cases of breakdown, electrical panel repair can be of different scales and volumes, but nothing is impossible for professionals. You can depend on our experienced professionals to handle all your electrical installation needs. We use name-brand electrical products and provide prompt and affordable electrical installations in Celebration, Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs, Orlando, Daven Port, and a few other cities in Florida. Contact us for a free on-site estimate

Do you need to upgrade your home electrical panel?

  • Is your home more than thirty years old?

  • Are your lights flickering or dimming?

  • Do you have tripping breakers?

  • Is your panel full with no room for expansion?

  • Is the meter box rusty?

  • Do you smell burning or see scorch marks around outlets?

  • Is the electric cable on the outside of your home frayed?

  • Do you need 300 amp service panel upgrades?

electrical panel upgrade

The Main Reason to Do an Electrical Panel Upgrade

When repairing or building, the owners always face electrical wiring: its replacement or installation from scratch. And this issue cannot be bypassed in any way since no modern dwelling can do without a home electrical panel upgrade. But, in addition to its direct function, providing the right amount of electrical energy in the right place, it must still be correctly distributed and safe. Typically, electrical panels need to be replaced every 25-40 years, so if your home is that old, chances are you’ll need electrical panel upgrades.

If you plan to DIY, it can be extremely dangerous if you are not familiar with electrical wiring. It is recommended to leave this sort of work to a trained professional like us.

Here are three Panel brands that will most likely need an upgrade: Zinsco used to be a very popular brand, these panels allow wires to heat up and melt causing problems. Another brand like this one is Sylvania with the same issues. FPE is Federal Pacific causing many fires. If you have any of these panels, you need to upgrade right away.