Standby Generator Installations

Hurricane season is just around the corner and I'm sure you worry about the power going out again!

Living in Florida you run the risk of going through a hurricanes and storms every year. I’m sure you have heard of what happened during Irma and other big hurricanes. Energy failures can be disastrous to your daily life, especially for babies and elders. Standby generators provide backup power which automatically switches over to keep you running, whatever may happen with the local power grid.

However, a standby generator will only be useful if it’s properly chosen, installed, and maintained. Finding out how much power you’ll actually need during an outage and whether or not you want to only back up crucial systems like refrigerators and air conditioning, or the entire house is important in getting the right standby generator.

Standby Generator characteristics:

  • Operates automatically

  • Delivers permanent power protection

  • Two components: sandby generator and an automatic transfer switch

  • Operates on liquid propane or natural gas

  • Senses the power loss within seconds

  • Constantly monitors utility power

  • Used in safety systems for elevators

  • Used in safety systems for standby lighting

  • Used in safety systems for medical and life support equipment

  • Used in safety systems for fire protection systems

  • Executes automatic self-tests

Why investing in a standby generator?

It is definitely a great investment because it is safe. Standby generators do not use gasoline or power cords. It is convenient because the power is automatically restored and you will not even realize that the power is out.

We, at Forza Contractors, can help you pick the best home standby generator so you can live your summers worry-free.